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Leftover Turkey Soup

We had so much food on Thanksgiving, which means we have so many leftovers. So to deal with the pounds of extra turkey I’ve been cooking some soup today, well actually cooking the soup in a crock pot and cooking down a broth on the stove. Twenty four hour turkey broth, featuring onion, celery, and carrot scraps with all the dark meat and bones of the leftover turkey. The soup has all the good ingredients plus some chicken boullion and I’m excited because tonight I’ll be dumping some homemade dumplings in. I love dumplings so much.

But anyway I also painted the beginning of some soup. Classic, celery + carrot and a wooden spoon. So simple, yet so obviously soup. Enjoy!

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Jalapeno Speedpaint Video!

So I’ve been lowkey recording painting videos, to get a feel for doing some video work. Both the long form kind, where I ramble about all sorts of art-related and not-art-related-at-all things while I paint on camera – but also the short, quick, Speedpaint style videos. Which will definitely be the first to get posted, being in the rural internet desert I live in. But somehow, bless the satellite gods, I managed to upload this 1:39 minute .avi file without turning to dust in the wait.

So here is the first upload of the first super speed painting video, in which I paint a tiny jalapeno. Elapsed time ~25 minutes. Acrylic on canvas.